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    Content Marketer

    Job Type: Part-time, with the chance to expand to full-time
    Location: Remote (North America)

    Our team of content marketers possess exceptional storytelling skills and are adept at utilizing AI/technology to convert intricate and technical concepts into compelling and informative content. They deeply understand how to use AI/technology to enhance their storytelling and create ...

    Marketing Engagement Manager

    Job Type: Full-time
    Location: Remote (North America)

    Our US-based marketing engagement managers often lead teams with 2-3 team members from different disciplines, e.g., Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Web Design and is successfully interacting with client team members to achieve tangible marketing results.

    Web Designer

    Job Type: Part-time, with the opportunity to expand to full-time FTE
    Location: Remote, Romania

    We are seeking a resourceful Web Designer to expand our business. As a Web Designer, your duties will include conceptualizing, creating, and implementing the design and layout of a website or web pages. This might mean creating a brand new ...

    Business Development Specialist

    Job Type: Part-time, with the chance to expand to full-time
    Location: Remote, Romania

    We are looking for resourceful Business Development Specialists to expand our business;  your accountabilities will include establishing networks with industry specialists, maintaining valued customer relationships, and negotiating deals.

    To be successful in this role, you should ...

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